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Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Trading from secondary locations

My main trading locations are Amarr, Dodixie, Rens and Hek.  Jita i occasionally sell from but is not a main focus.

In December 2021 i started to expand and sell out of other locations in Highsec.

The strategy was simple: find other locations that could see decent trade; use alpha accounts to start off with (so 17 Sell orders maximum); and see if i could generate enough sales in two of the locations at a time to justify upgrading to Omega.

The attraction of this strategy is that those locations have no competition and so maintaining them would take very little time.

as a rule of thumb, i needed two of the alpha alts to be able to do a combined 10bn isk of sales per month to justify upgrading to Omega.

Progress to date:

Firstly, i was right on the competition - there is practically none.  It literally takes me a minute per account to maintain.  I don't need to go through each item to see if i need to update the price.  All i need to do is watch for sales and replace them with items from Jita.

Secondly, two of the alts in the Regions of Lonetrek and Tash-Murkon have managed to generate sufficiet sales to be upgraded to Omega.

Thirdly, the Sales story is more mixed.  The data below shows the sales of each region for December 2021, January 2022 and February 2022:

January was great, February less so.

The omega account in Lonetrek / Tash-Murkon only just justified itself in February.

So far, i would say, average marks awarded for this venture.

Ramping up the locations

I know that if a location does not work i will just look for another System to see if i have better luck in attracting buyers.

That is important to remember for me - this is a project where i will iterate to the optimal solution.  I use third party apps such as Adam4Eve to try and find the best trading station in a Region as a starting point.

I am sticking with the Omega account in Lonetrek / Tash-Murkon for now.  I feel it should work and i am slowing ramping up the items for sale.

The data below shows the value of items i have for sale in each region:

for what i am selling, an alpha account can get around 10bn of items for sale spread over its 17 Sell Orders.

Lonetrek and Tash-Murkon are expanding slowly and can go much further given they are now an Omega account.

In total, a third everything i have for sale is across these nine secondary locations.  i.e. as at the end of February i had 368bn isk of items for sale across Eve of which 109.7bn was in these secondary locations.


positives: takes no time at all to maintain each location; two of the regions have justified an Omega account.

negatives: very poor returns given a third of everything i have for sale is over these locations.

to do: open up in other Regions with additional alpha accounts; iterate in my current Regions to find better stations to sell from; expand Lonetrek and Tash-Murkon further.

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