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Thursday, 28 April 2022

Over 100bn items for sale at Dodixie

I passed a milestone, of sorts, recently.

My Dodixie Trading alt now has over 100bn of items for sale which is just under a quarter of everything i have up for sale across Eve.

Nothing significant in itself about that but a nice marker on the progression of my businesses in Eve.

The next largest Trading Station will be either Rens with around 60bn followed by Hek or Amarr with around 55bn ISK.

The newer Omega account has around 50bn for sale in Tash-Murkon and 30bn in Sobaseki.

The combined value of items for sale in the three alpha accounts spread over seven regions is around 65bn.

In all, i have over 400bn of items for sale now (though i do like to take a 20% provision against that number in case i need to make fire sales).

Three more days of April left, lets see how the month goes.  I am hoping to continue to be making over 1bn ISK of profits per day.  The market is a bit more variable and perhaps slower these days but still healthy.

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