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Sunday 10 April 2022

Saturday night order expiry routine

Its Saturday night, so of course as well as doing my normal daily routine of replacing items that have been sold with new items out of Jita i am making sure i have no orders about to expire.

Why do i do this?

As i detailed previously: I put all my Sell Orders on with 3 months to expiry which is the maximum allowed.

That said, there will be some that run the risk of not being sold in that time.

If they expire it will cost be 1.5% of the Sell Order price to list them again.

If, on the other hand, or change the price that will only cost me 0.3% of the Sell Order price and the time to expiry will be reset to 3 months.

Therefore, once a week i check on how many orders have less than 10 days before they expire and drop their price by a tick.  More recently, i have moved the trigger point to 20 days.

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