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Thursday, 22 December 2022

No year in review video for combined accounts?

The year in Review Video is out

It seems this year that the "year in review video", or "this year in Eve" as it is known, was for all of Eve and highlighted the top 3 Corporations under various categories.

Furthermore, an email of stats of your perceived main account is being sent to the player base.

A useful discussion of all this is on the forums including Dev input: general discussion with Dev input and Dev Announcement

But different format to last year

What we don't appear to be getting is a video that combines the stats of all accounts (and so all the alts) on one email address like we did last year.  Nor does it seem we will be getting an email with those stats.

That is a shame.  For most of us who play Eve with more than one Account we do this because these Accounts compliment each other and are part of our overall gameplay in Eve.

For example, all my Accounts are part of my business ventures and i would not look at any single Account or Alt in isolation to get a fair review of my year in Eve.

I am not a coder but presumably it is not a terribly hard thing to do to aggregate the data across several alts and Accounts and present via email?

The stats i track

I keep a track of some of my stats.

Over the last 12 months (November 2021 to November 2022) i have done:

Sales 3.1 trillion ISK
Profits 834 billion
Taxes paid 228 billion
Courier Fees paid 62 billion
Plex to Omega paid 48 billion

Increase in wealth 487 billion ISK

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