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Monday, 1 May 2023

Interview with Trader and Trillionaire Eden Trade on Oz Eve

On Saturday three was a great interview on the weekly Oz Eve twitch show with Eden Trade.

Eden Trade has over a trillion isk of wealth and a unique process that made this interview very interesting.

The Strategy

Eden Trade has a strategy of buying from Sell Orders in Jita and selling in tertiary trade hubs.  I.e. he does not sell in Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens or Hek.

He is set up in 17 highsec locations: Alentene; Amamake; Azer; Frarn; Hati; Kador Prime; Khanid Prime; Kor-Azor Prime; Litiura; Manarq; Nourvukaiken; Orvolle; Rakapas; Stacmon; Tash-Murkon Prime; Teonusude; and Villore

He typically marks the items up by around 30% from the Jita sell prices.

Overall, with just over 1 trillion of Sell Orders spread across his trade locations this generates daily revenues of 5.8 billion isk from around 1500 trades per day, and daily profits (before plex costs to Omega the account) of 2.2 billion isk.  In other words, his monthly return is around 5 to 6%.  Not bad.

And to run this he has 20 Omega accounts.  That is a decent amount of Plex to Omega it all.

Items sold

Rigs is the best selling group of items, followed by Ammo, Weapons and then Mining Equipment.

Drones, Capital Fuel and Boosters also do well.

But there is a full range of items sold.

The twitch show gives good disclosure.

Why does it work?

Basically, there is very little competition in those trade locations.

Therefore, Eden Trade can set up a Sell Order and largely leave it alone.  As his process is refined and evolves I understand that he now does not automatically reduce prices as competition comes in but merely sit back and wait for someone that comes along and buys out the market in what are still tertiary trade locations.

Investment Funds

He has raised 1.3 trillion from investors and repaid 1.6 trillion.

Time Spent on making this happen

Tends to be Saturday and Sundays, and therefore quite a number of hours on these days given a week of work to catch up on.

Where can Eden Trade be found?

Eden Trade can be found in Discord and youtube.

And i understand is doing a presentation at Fanfest in September.

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