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Sunday, 28 May 2023

Plex for Omega discounts - which is the best deal

As is now always the case, the amount of Plex required to buy Omega is discounted by ever higher discounts as the period of Omega rises.

The discount to buy a 3 month Omega is 29%, the discount to buy a 24 month Omega is 45%.

Which is the best deal?

It can be quite straight forwards to work that out

Today it costs 31.0bn isk to buy a 24 month Omega.  It would normally cost 56.4bn.  A 45% saving.  That is the highest % saving for any Omega time (20% for 3 months, 30% 6 months, 40% 12 months).

Therefore, if you have 31bn isk lying around that you do not intend to use to generate isk in any way then the 24 month is the one to go for.  No doubt about it.

But if you would otherwise plan to use the 31bn isk to generate isk, either in PVE or on the Markets, then it is not so clear.

How so - this is not as clear as first seems?

Because, quite simply, if you could invest that 31bn isk, make over 6.1% return each month and buy a monthly Omega instead (no discount) then you are better off buying the monthly Omega.

The table below shows the monthly returns that are the difference between taking the deal vs not.

The table lists each of the Omega deals, the normal cost, the discount given and so the actual cost.  Then shows the saving made, and the saving on a monthly basis, and the effective number of months you get for free.

It is the final column that is the interesting one.

This does the calculation of taking the amount needed to buy the deal and shows the monthly return required to make the difference between just investing that isk in your efforts and buying the monthly Omega vs taking the deal.

The current price of Plex does not change the answer though clearly assuming Plex price does not change is one mighty assumption!

But, taking this table shows that the best deal is the 3 month Omega.  If your efforts generate over 27.5% monthly return on the 5.6bn isk needed to buy the 3 month deal then don't go for the deal.

For myself, i can get no where near generating 27.5% monthly returns and so i always for the 3 month Omega deal.

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