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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I blunder, again

I note that at Dodixie there are no Sell orders for Mjolnir Heavy Missile Blueprints.  A low but stable level of income for me.  We are not talking big money here, profits of 1m ISK per sale – but every penny counts and it is low maintenance.

So, 10 of these blueprints are part of a 2bn ISK haul that comes from Jita courtesy of Pushx Industries.  When i come to posting the blueprints i put in 3 too many 9’s.  My selling price is 1,780,999,999 instead of 1,780,999.  I am selling 10 and of course i pay a 0.72% broker fee.

That blunder cost be 129m ISK straight off.  Painful stuff.  In a sense, the next c600m ISK of sales i make will be covering for this mistake.  Or put it another way, it is the best part of a day's profits gone!

One way i could have protected myself is to empty my wallet into the Corp and hence a large broker fee like that would fail and prevent me from posting . . . . . . . . which is what i will be doing going forwards.  I should have been holding no more than 20m ISK in my wallet, if my maths serves me well here


  1. Maybe you will be lucky an some fool buys one! Although people who buy missile BPOs usually don't have that isk.
    I made it a habit to double check all orders if there is a warning message about the price. Furthermore I only update my orders in full 100K isk steps, so the change is easier to double check. (now you should be able to identify my orders in Dodxie :-) ) For me checking an even change of 100k is visualy much easier. Since I started these two things I never had a bad sell or buy order again.


    1. yes - good ideas. I have learned this lesson the hard way!