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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Started in Manufacturing

I have started into manufacturing.

The third alt on the main account which used to be my buyer at Jita is now my manufacturing alt.  I started a new account to place that character in Jita for now.

I am a complete novice at manufacturing - so the pros out there, look away now!  For World of Warcraft readers - it is worth noting that manufacturing in Eve is done mostly offline.

My alt has trained the following relevant skills:
  • Industry 5 - reduces manufacturing time by 4% per level
  • Production Efficiency 5 - reduces the materials required by 5% per skill level
  • Mass Production 5 - allows 1 extra manufacturing slot per level
  • Advanced Mass Production 4 - allows 1 extra manufacturing slot per level
  • Supply Chain Management 4 - allows me to start manufacturing jobs remotely
  • Capital Ship Construction 3 - allows me to manufacture capital ships
  • Industrial Construction 2 - allows me to manufacture advanced industrials
  • Science 5 - needed to learn other skills
  • Mechanics 5 - needed to learn other skills

so, in all, I can now run 10 manufacturing slots at once

I am experimenting at the moment to get the hang of this business.

In the first 2-3 weeks I have made c250m ISK profits . . . . . it's a start.

I am finding it good fun - if I am honest, perhaps more fun that Regional Trading.

Part of starting up is to prepare those spreadsheets.  Below shows part of my summary sheet which shows the ships I am looking at, the net margin (i.e. profits after all costs divided by sales), the number I intend to produce and the current Jita sales price (I am selling in Jita at the moment).

There is of course more to this spreadsheet - but that is as much as I can sensibly fit on this blog page at the moment.  I just have to update the mineral costs, the sales prices and how much I wish to produce and the spreadsheet does the rest including telling me what I need to buy and what the volume will be to haul.  It is a pity Excel 2010 can't take pricing data direct from Eve-Central else I would really be in business!

As can be seen from the above, the industrial ships I have been looking at are not very profitable at all, indeed several are outright loss making.  The most profitable at the moment is the new Gallente Industrial Miasmos.
At present, I am manufacturing the Capital ship modification items to make my money - there is good profits here though only on a few items.
I am manufacturing the items one jump out of Jita.  If I haul over 100m ISK of minerals / materials or finished items then I contract it out to Pushx Industries.
I also trained some Trade skills.  My plan had been to get my traders in Dodixie and Hek to sell the manufactured items - but whilst I stayed at Jita I just trained up some Trade skills to smooth the selling operations.
I started by costing items to sell on my spreadsheet before I found this very useful site Eve-Cost which can calculate the profits before broker fees and sales taxes using Jita sales and materials costs (pricing data taken from Eve-Central).
My next steps will be to:
  • Look into other items to manufacture
  • Move to nearer Hek or Dodixie - - - -  Jita is frightening competitive.
  • Move into T2 items to manufacture


  1. Interesting.

    I've just got into the game and started with an industry character. Strangely enough PI drew me initially and to make the most of that I got into the markets to buy/sell my materials, and then looked to manufacturing to add to the per day isk velocity.

    With manufacturing (and PI) and unlike trading it's really the profit per time unit that'll ultimately determine how successful things are rather than the strict percentage profit.

    Of course you need to be able to have the isk to run those chains but you can adapt to that by just setting up shorter runs. I've got several blueprints that I pretty much run 24/7 that might only run at a 10% profit, but generate 200-500K each per hour with minimal work. At present I make about 20M isk a day just selling directly in Jita from 3 factories (and another 30M from my 5 PI factory planets).

    I did a trial run with selling some of my products in Dodixie using MicroPush to courier them but it was about a 24 hour transit time.


  2. I would just use IPH ( for calculating what makes a profit. You can define which BPOs (with ME and PE) you have and it tells you the margin and the isk per hour rate.
    You can also calculate what are the best items at all at the moment and filter for certain item groups. I tried spreadsheets too in the beginning, but sometimes the market changes so quickly that updating the spreadsheets just takes too much time.
    About the regional trading and indy idea: I think it doesn't realy make a lot of sense. You won't make more profit from your actual production. You just add a regional trading profit on top of your manufacturing profit.



    (There's also but we won't talk about that ;) )

    1. thanks, that nailed it!

      I now have material and product prices coming in . . . . the days of updating it all by hand are over!

      . . . . . it is great when one's own knowledge is expanded via the game.