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Saturday 14 September 2013

Looking at the trading done by each alt

I have had a number of ingame emails asking if additional trading alts are worth it and how much of my ISK is made by each alt.

At present I have 4 alts spread over 2 accounts.

I have a trading alt in Dodixie that sells items which have been bought in Jita and skills books that have been bought elsewhere, and is also experimenting with "station trading" (for the non Eve players, "station trading" is where items are bought through market buy orders and then placed up to sell via market sell orders in the same station - much like a market maker on a stock exchange - i.e. the station trader never undocks).

I have a trading alt in Hek that sells items which have been bought in Jita and skills books that have been bought elsewhere.

I now also have an alt that is training up to be a manufacturer.  So far is manufacturing near Jita to build up my expertise but will eventually move.

And finally, on my new account, I have the buyer in Jita that buys items to be sold in Dodixie and Hek.  These items about hauled to Dodixie and Hek by a third party organisation called Pushx Industries.

I do not have an accurate way of measuring the profits made by each alt but a look at how much each alt has in the way of sell orders + buy orders + items in the hanger to sell + items being manufactured should give an idea of how much work they do.

For this purpose, I am excuding the Jita buying alt - its sole purpose is to buy items for resale and nothing more.  Eventually it will move into Invention once its skills are trained up and a new Jita buyer alt will be created.

the table below shows the summary by each alt:


Of my total current wealth of 18.2bn ISK the Dodixie seller accounts for over half at 9.6bn ISK.  It has about 57% of the sell orders and does all the station trading.  Whilst real life prevents me from logging on every day, when I do I always have items hauled from Jita to Dodixie to replace items sold.  It was my starting alt and  its level of activity is still growing as I enter the station trading market.

The Hek seller has 32% of the total wealth and that feels about right.  Since I pulled out of selling subsystems this alt's trading activities have fallen away and I am looking for alternative items to sell.  Whilst my Dodixie seller can have items hauled from Jita every day I suspect my Hek seller only needs 3 or 4 hauls per week (assuming I was on every day).  Right now this alt is not pulling its weight.

The manufacturing alt is growing its business and I suspect has already generated profits of about 160m in its first 2 weeks of manufacturing.  It is very early days and this alt only represents about 7% of my total wealth but I am expecting to see this grow.  I started selling industrial ships and have recently moved onto capital ship modifications.  There are good profits to be made there for now.

The corporation holds all the spare ISK and I use the corporation wallets to make all the purchases.  Now that my Dodixie alt is entering the station trading market the amount of spare ISK is lower.


  1. Croda when you say that your Hek trader isn't pulling his weight, is this a measure against your Dodixie trader, prior results in Hek, or some other pre-defined metric that just works for you personally?

    I'm always curious about how other traders measure their success and objectives as there seems to be such varied methods.

    1. a bit of everything really. I don't want to spend more than 45 minutes a day on my businesses in Eve - hence I want each alt to by earning the most per unit of time effort I put in.

      When I was trading subsystems the Hek trader would be having items hauled from Jita to Hek on a daily basis, now it is 3 times a week. I don't expect Hek to be as buoyant as Dodixie but I would expect to be hauling from Jita 5 or 6 times a week.

      So I could do with more items to sell in Hek - which is something I am looking into.

    2. Hek sometimes surprises in 'out of routine' sells, if you miss out on them on certain products, its a loss I would not risk above more routine budget in the other hubs.

    3. .. forget to enable notification, cant edit afterwards..

  2. As a trader I can recommend using eve N.E.A.T its helpfull to see profit margins, but it only works on station trading.