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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Someone's blunder is my gain

I see these types of blunders a lot.

. . . . . as a primer, I am not posting these to mock the people making the mistakes, I make enough myself to last a lifetime . . . . .

as shown in the market window for this Eifyr implant the sell orders are mostly around the 1,288,997 mark and there is a buy order at 260,000.03 ISK.

However, there is a sell order at 260,000.04 ISK.  Clearly, this "seller" meant to post the order as a buy order, and the best buy order at that.  However, they blundered and posted as a sell instead - which is not hard to do if you are in a hurry.

Alternatively, they meant to sell a sell order that was posted at 260,000.04 which maybe had 3 item at that price and the seller put on a sell order for 8 items at 260,000.04 but of course only 3 were filled leaving 5 to go.

of course, I took advantage of this blunder and bought these 5 items for 260,000.04 to resell at the current selling price.  a nice and easy 5m ISK profit for no work at all.


  1. Actually you are wrong here, its not a Mistake. The seller tried to use a buy order, but as advanced selling is the default, he put up a sell order. The Buy order he tried to use was smaller then his stack of items, so the leftover items can now be found in the market. The only mistake here, is a useless paying of broker taxes

  2. yeah, since the interface remembers the position of your windows, I make sure to position my sell and purchase windows in very different locations so that I'm alerted to when I accidentally issue the wrong command.

    1. good plan!

      sometimes all that stops me making that mistake is noticing that the buy window looks different.

    2. Maybe we should ask CCP karkur for a setting that we can color code both windows.