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Thursday 17 December 2020

Eve Economy Website - added Ships Destroyed charts

On my Eve Economy Website which charts the data CCP provide us monthly on the Eve economy, i have added charts for Ships destroyed.

Two reasons:

Firstly, i am hoping if the sheer volumes of ships destroyed monthly will tell us anything if we can start to see any trends

Secondly, i have grouped the ships into various groups to see if this gives us anymore insight:

Mining ships - to get an idea of these ship losses and by type of mining ship; at the end of the day this is the raw material for much of the industrial production

Transporters - to get an idea of trends in transporter loses and when looking at the various types of transporters; these are the arteries of the economy, so perhaps useful to know when they are finding life more or less dangerous

Capital Ships - seeing if this shows when the really big wars happen and what the underlying losses normally are anyway

Stations - same as for Capital Ships

Capsules - Just to get an idea of how aggressive the PVP is

All other ships - to capture the rest of PVP

NPC CapitalsStructure partsMobile unitsLarge DronesShuttles - to complete the picture.

The instant observations i have is that:

it is getting more dangerous to be mining and transporting stuff around.

Though the rise in Transporter destruction is lead by the Industrials and not the Freighters or other transporter types.

Capital Ship destruction has been in decline for 18 months.

I was surprised to see that were were a few hundred Stations destroyed every month.

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