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Friday 25 December 2020

Trading ideas for those at the absolute start of the journey - theory and practice, part 2

Continuing the theme of looking at ideas to start a new trader off with - such an idea for those selling in Dodixie would be the Heron Blueprint.

Going through the usual checklist:

1) State of the Dodixie competition:

Well, there is absolutely no competition in Dodixie for the Heron Blueprint.

The question is would there be any buyers anyway?

2) Market volume check:

It would seem that when there was something to sell, the Buyers bought one a day or so.

So, i suspect we have an item here that could sell for 6m isk.

3) The Seller's prices in Jita:

The good news is that the Jita seller is a NPC (days to expire is >300 where as a plyer can post for a max of 90 days).

And the sell price is 2.75m isk.

4) After all costs, is this profitable:

Buy for 2.75m isk, sell for 6m isk.  profits 3.25m isk before Accounting, Broking and Courier costs.  Still, will be a very profitable item.

5) Ability to transfer the item from Jita:

its a blueprint and so is 0m3 - any ship could carry this.

so, all boxes are ticked: no competition; volume is there when there is something to sell; Jita price is nailed to the wall by an npc seller; item is good profits; the item is small enough to be couriered by any ship.

Seems a good idea for a beginner play to buy 1 and stick it up for sale in Dodixie.


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