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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Trading ideas for those at the absolute start of the journey - theory and practice

If you have just started Eve and come out of the training with a cool 10m ISK then it can be somewhat daunting to know where to start if becoming a trader is your desire.

My Strategy - the theory

My strategy in trading has always been to focus on slow moving (i.e 1 or 2 items are sold per day in the market) but high margin (at least 25%, i.e. buy for 75, sell for 100 is a 25% margin).  That way, i avoid much of the competition, i don't have to update my prices too often and i get a nice steady income with minimal work.  I buy from Sellers rather than place a Buy order.

My Strategy - in practice

So, lets assume you have your 10m, are sitting in Dodixie - where to start?

The Scourge Heavy Missile Blueprint hits the mark:

In dodixie it is selling for 2.988m isk each.  There is one item up there that was updated 37 minutes ago and someone has put a block of 3 up though not updated them for 3 days.  So, it looks like we have one competitor.

and it is selling about 1 or 2 a day with some days on 0.  So more than enough for both me and this competitor to make nice sales.

The big traders, or even someone worth over 200m would not bother with this.  But for a 10m player, it is good isk.

In Jita, using EveTycoon, it is selling from NPCs (i.e. infinite amounts at a set price) for 750k isk.

You can always tell if it is an NPC seller because the Expiry Time is over 300 days vs a player than can only have 90 days maximum.

Now, with my 10m i would buy one of them and put it up for sale for 2.9m isk.  That is a great profit for 2.15m isk that in an instant would increase my wealth by 20%!

It wont take long to realise that all the Heavy Missile blueprints meet these criteria (low competition, great margins, stable low price in Jita).  As do some of the Cruise Missile Blueprints.


Keep this up and that 10m becomes 100m very quickly, and it wont be long before you move off from these Missile Blueprints.  That is the point here - this is not a market to stay in but rather one to seed your initial wealth with - another reason by you don't see the large traders, they have all moved on

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