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Tuesday 8 December 2020

youtube videos - Eve Online: Building my industrial empire

Eve Online: Building my industrial empire 

I came across this youtube channel "Gaming since the '70s" that has a weekly 10 to 30 minute video by a player who is following his progression from the start titled "Eve Online: Building my industrial empire - EP XX"

Really enjoying it.  Finding it inspiring.  i am listening to each episode from the start in the background and loads of time i find myself stopping what i am doing to listen more carefully.

Easy listening voice he has also.

The background

He is playing Eve for the economy side of it - or at least that is his prime desire.

As i write, he is on episode 51 - so not yet a year in the game but you would not know it.

The player, Thanak, starts with no experience in Eve and decides that Manufacturing is the way forwards.

The weekly video takes us through his mining, processing and missioning at the start to seed his business, and then incursions.  His entanglements with competitors, how he deals with it all and progressing onwards.

. . . . . . and discovers Planetary Interaction, low sec mining along the way.  And a lot more.  Loses ships, gets ganked, fights off pirates, the works.

He discusses what is working and what is not.  and his desire to the the industrial mogul in his part of space.

I am on episode 20

I don't want to spoil it but by episode 20 (week 20) he has set up an industrial corporation, structures and all, in low sec with 35 members and discusses all the politics of operating in low sec and their encounters with pirates who shoot first and ask later.

And is setting up a system to get large scale ship production underway.  Ore buyback programmes are up and running.

It is an all round Eve industry narrative.

And this is all through the eyes of someone who is new to Eve which brings its own excitement that we all had when we started the game and reminded me of the third party tools to use.


Actually, it just reminds me that i am a high sec merchant at best and i really need to branch out to enjoy more of the game.

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