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Thursday, 1 September 2022

First time sales of over 20bn ISK in one day

A few times a month i make sales of 10bn isk in one day, which equate to an increase in wealth before plex costs of 1.6bn isk.

Today (31 August) i finally achieved 20bn isk sales in one day, and therefore a rise in my wealth before plex costs of 3.2bn isk.

One character alone got over 10bn isk sales with a number of blueprints bought out and a second character got 6bn isk of sales with two families of implants bought out.

Blueprints, i find, are still my slowest selling item and quite often can go a full 90 days without being sold (i drop the price a tick 80 days in and so spend less on the broker fees rather than letting it expire).

Blueprints also often tend to sell as single items.  It is very rare that someone will come along and buy all the battlecruiser blueprints - rather one and one only will be bought.

Implants do ok - not as fast as faction / deadspace items but i find that implants quite often sell as the family (i.e. someone will come along and by the alpha + beta + delta + gamma + epsilon + omega in one shot).

Mining items sell the best but the margins are now thinner and competition higher.

I am a long way from regularly getting 10bn isk sales per day, so i will still view 20bn isk sales as a very rare event.

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