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Monday, 19 September 2022

Sales of over 20bn again

Unexpectedly i had another day yesterday where my total sales were over 20bn.

Which means, assuming the 25% target margin was achieved, my wealth increased by 3.3bn isk.

What sold?

I sold a family of implants that generated 6bn of sales.  Implants, i increasingly find, tend to sell as a family.  That is, someone will buy the alpha + beta + delta + epsilon + gamma + omega versions in one shot.  They can be up for sale of many days, not uncommon to see a family up for sale for over 30 days, before they are sold.  So, they are clearly slow moving items but nicely, profitable.  I also sold single implants where, i suspect, other players sold the rest of the family to the buyer - this all added to the 6bn for implant sales.

Blueprints are also making a comeback.  I sold a number of blueprints yesterday which brought in over 5bn isk.  This is the slowest item type to sell.  Each Saturday night i reduce the price of any item that has less than 10-15 days before it expires (in that way i reset the timer back to 90 days and save the cost of a full relist as explained in this post Saturday night order expiry routine) - most of the items that i see nearing expiration are blueprints.

And mining items also sold well - from the turrets to upgrades.  Mining equipment etc always sells well for me.

What to read into this?

I am not sure what to make of this all - but i am selling more items that i would expect to see sold if ships and pods were being destroyed or perhaps if players are returning.

Perhaps players are getting ready for the next content.

I am also seeing decent price inflation of Jita items reflecting, i believe, a shortage of supply rather than excess demand.  This will likely be due to less players active and so less items from space activity finding their way onto the market.  But as long as there is demand than i can capture that price inflation and protect my margins at 25% which all nicely adds to my wealth.

. . . . . . only two thirds of the way into September so a way to go but the first two thirds of the month have been stronger than i expected.

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