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Friday, 16 September 2022

Wealth of over half a trillion isk

Half way through September by current wealth stands at 507bn isk.  So, there we are, in two years i have accumulated half a trillion in wealth.

And that includes a 117bn isk provision - so, if i merely added up all my Sell Orders + Plex + ISK my wealth would be 624bn.

September a good month so far, my wealth has increased by 26.4bn after paying 6.5bn to keep three accounts in Omega status.

If this continued, which it wont, then my wealth would increase by almost 60bn isk for September.

What is selling well?

Implants are doing well - and increasingly i am finding people buy the entire family in one shot (i.e. the alpha, beta, delta, epsilon, gamma and omega).

Blueprints doing a bit better than normal.

Mining equipment is still doing nicely.

Skill book sales are very low now.

What i am also finding is that prices are rising in Jita.  It is not uncommon for me to sell an item for say 400m (so i would have bought it for 300m in Jita) and when i check the Jita price to relist it i find that the Jita price has risen to almost 400m or above.

I am seeing plenty of inflation driven by a shortage of supply.

Not sure what to make of that.  Perhaps seeing players returning, kitting themselves out and then flying out to fight.  And then, at some stage, they will return and post their loot in Jita to sell.

New ventures?

My efforts in manufacturing have so far produced a profit of 1.2bn isk in September, all out of Jita.  So this is starting to work.  For very little effort i am almost in a position to create enough to justify another Omega account.

All my manufacturing is done in Jita and sold in Jita so far.  I suspect more is to me made by manufacturing in Jita and then selling in my Trading Locations.

My efforts in Planetary Interaction have produced a profit of 100m only - so this needs more work.


  1. By manufacturing in Jita you are paying a hell of a lot in industry fees due to the industrial index, yuo may be better off looking a little further out in order to reduce those fees

    1. good point. If my manufacturing reaches a good scale then that is certainly something i should look into for sure. It would add an extra leg and day to the process (i.e. the time and cost taken to courier the raw materials to the manufacturing location) but that may well prove to be worth it.

  2. Wow! Congratz with your milestone!

    I was following about a year ago, but fell out of suit due to RL taking a bit more of a priority. Things have stabilized a bit on my end and am revisiting your site again. About a year of catchup to do!