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Saturday, 24 September 2022

Plex now selling for 5.3m isk

I was a bit slow initially to work out what was going on . . . . .

Plex has now risen to a sales price of 5.3m isk in Jita, having been 2.9m at the start of 2022.

So, to Omega an account for 30 days costs 2.7bn isk and therefore it will cost me 8.0bn isk per month to Omega my three accounts . . . . . . however, the spike may be temporary see the last two parts of this post.  Indeed, i have gone into the market and bought my next month's Plex early.

What my business now has to do to meet its targets

Assuming my 25% item margin holds then i need to make monthly sales of 49bn to cover this - i have achieved this since November 2020.

To make the 10bn monthly profit target, i need to make monthly sales of 111bn isk - this has been achieved every month since September 2021.

And to make the 1bn profit per day target, i need to make monthly sales of 234bn - this has been achieved in only three prior months December 2021 / January 2022 / March 2022.

Why is Plex rising?

For this weekend there is an offer.  The cost of a 30 day Omega has been cut by 40% from 500 Plex to 300 Plex for this weekend.

Therefore, if we assume the undisturbed price was 4.7m isk then it would cost 2.4bn isk to Omega one account (500x4.7).  But at 300 Plex the cost is 1.6bn isk at the current price of 5.3m isk (300x5.3).

How have i reacted?

Therefore, instead of waiting until October to buy my monthly Plex i have gone into the market today and bought 900 Plex and converted that into 3 x Omega upgrades.

Total spent 4.8bn isk vs the normal 7.1bn isk and so saving 2.3bn isk.

I am tempted to buy another set of 30 days Omega later.

I also am tempted to sell some of my existing 5800 Plex and buy them back at a lower price following this offer period.

Or just convert some of the exiting 5800 Plex into 30 day Omega.  I could buy 6 months more Omega for all 3 accounts - but that would tie me into sticking with EVE for 6 months with no break, so carries some risk.

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