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Saturday, 4 October 2014

A nervous wait

So, i am updating my Sell orders in Rens.  I get to the 5 items of Capital Capacitor Control Circuit I i am selling and incorrectly enter the Sell order as 32,103,269 instead of 62,103,269, as shown below.

Fortunately, all the Buy orders were at 20.8m or below - so i did not fill any Buy orders.

I then have a nervous 5 minute wait for the cool down before i can correct my mistake.

5 minutes is a long time in the market!

Fortunately i am able to update my Sell order before anyone comes along and snaps up a good deal.

Luck was with me that day.


  1. Why not use an automatic tool like ? It copies the right price to your clipboard.

  2. You can instantly buy out your own sales. You lose the broker fee and the sales tax, but you don't have to wait.

  3. Why not buy out your own order and take the tax / fees as a given.