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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Eve Online Trading Podcasts

On a former game I used to play (World of Warcraft) there were several podcasts specifically dedicated to discussing how to make gold in the various markets.

However, such podcasts have been lacking in Eve despite the economy and markets being much deeper and more interesting.  We have market tutorials on YouTube (see my video page for useful Eve videos) and in Eve University - but seemingly no weekly/monthly market or business podcast.  There have been some in the past - but long discontinued.

It appears we now have two podcasts (well, two youtube casts).

One of the Youtube casts has been going longer than this blog and I only just spotted it!

Eve Talk

That is Eve Talk by Delonewolf (I have already highlighted two his market and industry YouTube clips on my video page).  It is a weekly YouTube cast for 20 - 30 mins talking about what he's seeing in the markets.  Focused more on station trading, primarily looking to buy items at one point in time to store in a hanger to sell at later point in time at a better price.

Format is the same week to week: Starts with a talk on the Plex market, moves onto the minerals, then T1 ships, T2 ships, T3 ships and then a different market each week.  The discussion centres on what is happening by looking at charts and then Delonewolf gives his views on why this is happening followed by some trade ideas.

I have listened to the most recent ones and I like them.

Unfortunately they are mixed in with his other youtube clips - so the link above goes to his youtube page.

The most recent youtube cast from 18 October 2014 is below:

Eve Prosper Market Review

The second one, the Eve Propser Market Review, which just started on Thursday night US time is a stream and youtube cast by John Purcell (Lockefox ingame) of the Eve Prosper Blog.

The link above is to the playlist on his youtube channel.  The Youtube cast has the 50 - 60 minute show but not the question and answer session afterwards.

The show notes, including links to the charts used, detail what content is being discussed.

It starts with a general news segement (not really market related), followed by the market charts starting with Plex, then some interesting charts, then Minerals, Moon Products and the  Fuel markets.  Lockefox gives his views on why the prices and volumes are moving, and some ideas on potential trades to make.

The most recent youtube cast from 16 October 2014 is below:

I am excited about all this (albeit Eve Talk has been going a long time and i have not spotted it!) and i am hoping it will bring alot to the economy / business discussion on Eve similar to what was on World of Warcraft when i played it.


  1. At some stage have a look at the old gold bloggers. It is very sparse now. Power word gold has a few links but it look like blizzard have nerfed profesions into irrelevance

    1. Certainly looks less of an active blogging community than before. As far as I can tell there only 4 goldmaking podcasts going and the number of goldmaking blogs is much lower than it used to be. Still, way more than in Eve on both counts - but the gap is narrowing!