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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bringing the Game into Disrepute

Brace yourselves, a totally non-trading post but CCP / Eve Online related.  No ISK to be made or lost here.

I suspect Eve Online would benefit with such a rule "Bringing the Game into Disrepute".  Actually, i suspect this already exists in practice.

In real life, i am part of two professions.  Both are part of the career path i have taken.  Accounting and Investment.

Both have professional organisations with i join for an annual fee (combined total about $1000 - tax allowable).

They both have rules.

And they both have one rule that can see me expelled / fined for "bringing the profession into disrepute".  Effectively that would see me ending my career.

"Bringing the profession into disrepute" is a very hard to define but most reasonable people know it when they see it.  It is very much like trying to define pornography.

The beauty of such a rule is that it keeps up with accepted society behaviour.  What would be deemed to be acceptable before may not be acceptable today.

The double beauty of this rule is that if anyone on a vindictive trip deploys this rule against another member and the rest of the profession turn around and say this is not the case - then the vindictive  person themselves can be hit with the rule.  Maliciously deploying the rule for ones own purpose is clearly "bringing the profession into disrepute".

If this rule was in Eve Online then suddenly you can catch events where the community goes down the line of "i agree with the banning of XYZ but it is hard to find the line in the EULA where it was caught".

It's a catchall but only works with the consent of the community.

Cyberbullying springs to mind.


  1. Sounds like a tyranny of the majority. Such a system would inevitably be biased towards celebrities and sources of patronage.

    Rules are only rules when they are enforced consistently.

    1. those are fair points. I would though observe that such a concept already exists and enjoys its existence in societies where laws are consistently enforced. Indeed, enforcing existing laws consistently allows society to accept the concept of "bringing the game into disrepute".

      Any system that is biased towards celebrities etc is biased throughout its law enforcement process, not just hard laws or concepts.

  2. On the surface of it I'd think that a rule like this could give CODE. and the whole james315 crowd reason to rethink some of their "activities". In actual practice though I doubt it because CCP certainly sees their ganking activities as "generating content", rather than thinking of the effect it has on the new player experience.

    1. I suspect the CODE etc would be just fine - it is an ingame activity (the ingame email conversations can be borderline) that is, to your point, in an environment that CCP encourages.

      Your point on new player experience though is well made and CCP could go a long way to improve there - whether that gives them some protection from ganking is a mute point.