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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

More low priced sell orders in trade hubs outside Jita

I came across a Sell order for 2 Capital Cargo Hold Optimization II in Amarr recently, as shown below.

The normal established Sell in Amarr was 563m or so.  Hence, this Sell order for 2 x 300m is clearly sitting way below the normal market level.

A quick investigation into the Jita Sell price showed that the established Sell price is about 380m and the established Buy price is 311m.

So, i could make 22m immediately - though after Courier costs and Sales taxes that gets to almost nil.  But, i suspect i could post them for 389m as Sell orders and fairly quickly make a 178m ISK profit before Taxes.

Hence, i bought them both and contracted Push Industries to haul them to Jita for me to sell.

And, sure enough, within a day they sold for 390m each.

So a nice 180m less Courier costs and Sales Taxes made.

The beauty of finding lowly priced Sell orders that can be hauled elsewhere to be sold at a profit at the established market level is that they are rarely scams.  Scams work by a Buy order being hugely above the normal market level to entice someone by purchase from a Sell order that is materially above the normal market level.

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