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Thursday, 9 October 2014

A one pager for new players (trading orientated)

If i was to put together a one page of bullet points, with a bias towards trading, to give to new players with the aim of giving Eve the best chance of keeping these new players then it would be:

Read around

Trading / Business
  • The economy of Eve is very deep - there is a niche for everyone
  • Start small - learn the ropes first and then go in deep
  • The process that works at 4m ISK will work at 4bn ISK-with different items
  • You don't need to understand the entire market to trade successfully
  • You don't even need to know what the items you are trading actually do
  • Stick to the trade hubs of Jita / Dodixie / Amarr / Rens / Hek to start with
  • You don't need to leave High Sec to make your first 100 billion, and more
  • If mining drives you - there are many Corps that go on regular mining trips
  • You don't necessarily need to use spreadsheets

Staying alive
  • Learn how to make undocking and docking bookmarks if you need to haul
  • Use google to find best fits for ships if you insist on hauling over 100m ISK
  • Use google to find out how much is sensible to haul per transport ship

Avoiding being Scammed

  • Putting <Eve Online Scam> into google is a good start
  • Don't accept anything that originates in Local Chat
  • Ignore trade offers in Jita local chat
  • A Buy order that looks very high is probably a Scam

  • Don't ever fly with more than you can afford to lose
  • Expect to be ganked at some stage - you will lose your cargo
  • You can play Eve alone unless you want to do serious PVP or PVE
  • You can do the Business side of Eve totally alone
  • It is entirely possible to earn enough to play Eve for free


  1. Hmm, I thought that I had responded to this yesterday.

    I wonder if the guides are really that useful, they all pretty much say the same thing some with a bit more detail that others but essentially the same. I wonder if it is just a case of if you are cut out for what is needed.

    For example I read your blog from the very first post, my accounts have been around a while and so started off with significantly more isk than you did at the beginning. I bought some BPOs and Skills and shipped them off to dodixie with an alt, a couple sold and I diligently altered the price once a day. I started out with cheap items trying to get in the mindset of a player with not much isk, I think they were sub 4m isk.

    One or two sold then nothing, then a couple more sold so I probably increase my wealth y maybe 4m in a week, now I remember after 3 days you went from 4m to 38m I went from about 40m (worth of BPOs and skill books to 42m – (if I exclude income from other streams).

    It got me thinking about why you can make 134m in 3 days and I make 4m in 5 and it can only really be knowledge. I don’t know what you do in r/l but you certainly have at minimum an above average knowledge in the mechanics of this and I wonder if that is what is needed to be successful, because lets face it 4m in 5 days doenst cut it.

    In the end I moved the alt and the remaining items re still there in market.

    1. if you want to try again - let me know, I suspect I can take you from 4m to 100m ISK pretty quickly

    2. hi Croda. I am willing to try again, should I drop you a mail ingame?

    3. sounds like a good plan - i am travelling for a couple of months though so lets revisit nearer December.