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Sunday, 15 January 2023

30bn ISK sales made yesterday

A new daily sales record made, 30bn isk of sales.

A third of those sales came from someone buying all my mid-grade Harvest Omega items i had for sale around the Trade Hubs.

That means that my wealth rose by 4.9bn isk (before Plex costs).

If, and it is a big if, i was to make 100bn profits in one month i would need to make average daily sales of 22bn.  To date, this rarely happens.  In the frothy month of December i got to 70bn profits but that included making good sales in Jita whilst a competitor was away or not paying attention.

Looking back over time:

 - the old aspirational target was 10bn isk sales in a day.  I have achieved that on average for the last four months.  But these were the buoyant autumn / winter months where the market is normally strongest.  I hold my breath as to whether this can continue.

- the current aspirational target is 20bn isk sales in a day.  Still a rare event.  But getting that to be the monthly average has to be a desire though i don't really have a road map to get there.

- to get 30bn sales in a day i essentially need to get the 20bn and an event to add another 10bn as happened yesterday.  This will be a very rare occurrence at present.

Looking a bit deeper at the sales per day

The chart below shows my average daily sales for each month since i started this venture.

However, the amount i have invested in the market is going up over time so you would expect my daily sales to rise - i have more to sell.

Therefore, an additional question is what is the rate of sale of what i have invested in the market.  In other words, what are the Sales divided by the Asset.  What is called the Asset Turnover in the business world.

That is what the chart below shows.

Not unsurprisingly, the rate of sale of my Sell Orders is falling over time.  Currently, 60% of what i have for sale sells in a month which is down from about 100% a year ago.

This is expected, items i had for sale a year ago were selling well.  It is harder to find new ideas that sell as fast and so i now have to go for the even slower moving items that still make good margins.

Also, as i expand into slower trading hugs my rate of sale falls accordingly.  My first Trading Hub Dodixie is the best, followed by Amarr and then Rens and Hek are slower places.  Takes longer to make sales in theses places.  Sobaseki and Tash-Murkon are even slower.  This is shown on the chart below (actually, it shows Amarr having a better Asset Turnover though is absolute level of sales are lower).

I can only assume my Asset Turnover will decline further as i open in Arnon and Alentene.

But, these slower trading hubs need very little attention - so they are almost passive income.

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