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Thursday, 19 January 2023

Replacing or Merging Quickbars

One of the issues when starting a new account is to take some common folders from the Quickbar in one Account to another without re-creating it from scratch.

Nothing more tedious than creating new folders with the same items in the Quickbar for each Account.

It can be done, quite easily

Fortunately, as pointed out by Steev almost a year ago, this can be easily done.

Eve gives the option of replacing an entire Quickbar with an existing Quickbar or merging one Quickbar into anaother.

The merging feature is really useful.

The steps

On the Market window:

1) from the Account with the Quickbar you want to export from, press the "Export Quickbar" button and it will give you the option to "copy Quickbar to clipboard"

2) in the Account you want to import the Quickbar from, press the "Import Quickbar" button and it will then give you the option to Add the items and folders in the clipboard to the Quickbar or to replace the existing Quickbar with the one on the clipboard.

In the case of the above example, i chose to Add the Quickbar, i,e. merge the Quickbars.

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