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Sunday 22 January 2023

Stuff i would love to do but don't have the time

I purely focus on ISK making ventures.

My golden rule when trying other things is that it must meet two criteria:

1) it must be able to be done with all the other projects within my 45 minutes per day rule

2) it must be able to cover Plex by itself.

i.e. if i found something i really enjoyed, could spend a little time on it but say it only generated 2.5bn ISK per month per account - then that is ok, it pays the Plex.


i can't deny it, i would love mining.

Its just so chill.  And, like many play styles in Eve, it can get a lot more sophisticated if the player so chooses.

I did some mining at the start to gain ISK to pay the Broker Fees if i spent all my ISK buying items.

There is just something alluring watching the mining cycles or just doing mining in the background.

And don't try and tell me you can't listen to the track Below the Asteroids for hours on end.

Planetary Industry

I tried this many years ago and i found that the PI itself was not as passive as i hoped, the income was low / volatile and it took more time to collect and sell the output than i hoped.

I am giving it another shot - it has some of the same attractions as mining to me - but it is very time consuming.  I am exploring multiple angles to make it work.  Lets see how it goes.  I am hopeful but i must admit it wont be a great money spinner.


The downside of my playstyle is that i am in a corporation of my own.  So it is a loner's player style.  The Corporation helps in the administration of my Business hugely - passing ISK around, courier contracts, the works.

No doubt about it, if i had time, i would love to be part of a Corporation operating on the business / industry side.

Eve is meant to be a social game and in all my other game endeavours the social side is a big plus to it all.  Being part of an in-game organisation has its allures.  Perhaps more than being part of a real-life organisation!

Operating in an Alliance is possible - but what would i bring?  Perhaps there is scope to think about this once i get to a trillion of wealth and start to think about new objectives.  When i get to a trillion of wealth i should be at least generating 50bn isk per month.  Is that worth anything to anyone?  I have no idea.

Anyway, a trillion of wealth is 5 to 10 months away.

1 comment:

  1. Is there a reason you do not commit to more than 45 minutes? to be honest I don't know you do what you do in only 45 minutes, you must be constantly just rushing around trying not to exceed the time limit.

    Mining: it was one of thise things I did if I was working from home and couldnt concentrate on eve, 2 ships in space (as i have 2 accounts), it did nothing for me though, i do sometimes huff gas .

    PI, The best place to do PI would be null sec or wormhole space. I have 2 accounts (6 Omega) and pull maybe 1.5b a month. However I sell to corp are 95% JIta buy which means i could make more, but then I don't have the hassle of shipping it to a trade hub

    Factory planets may be OK, its not something ive tried but then 36 factory planets, wow think of the amount of freighters you would need to bring in the P1 (unless you started with a higher P level

    Corporation: you could always consider taking your corp into an alliance, that way you will get the benefit of your own corp without having to give others permission to things, but get the social benefit too