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Wednesday, 11 January 2023

I bought 3 month Omega with Plex using the 20% discount

The Omega i bought back in September on the back of the Plex deals is almost used up.  So time to use Plex to buy more Omega time across my three Omega Accounts.

I went for a deal

Based on the analysis i did in the prior post "Is it worth taking the Omega / Plex discounts on offer if you are in the business of making isk - YES & NO" i bought 3 month Omegas for my three Omega Accounts using Plex and taking the 20% discount.

Economics are very favourable

That cost me 18.3bn to buy the 3600 Plex required (vs the normal cost of 4500 Plex).

Had i chosen to stick with buying 1 month Omegas with Plex then i would have had to make a monthly return of 27% on the 18.3bn instead.  Currently, i am only making a 10% monthly return on my investments (in December my wealth was 736bn having made a return of 70bn isk).

I am happy with that.

3 months feels a sensible time frame where i have reasonable assurance i will still be playing Eve and the savings compared to what my Eve business does are good.

Accounting for this

The way i will account for this in my monthly business updates is to assume i have bought an asset of 18.3bn and each month decrease it by a third.

So, at the January the asset will be 12.2, then end of February 6.1 and then zero at the end of March.  And so the monthly cost of the Plex will be 6.1bn instead of 7.5bn if i had bought 1 month Omega each month.

Cash Balance

That leaves me with 11bn cash in my wallet.  I was thinking about creating a fourth Omega Account but i will wait for now - i do not have the isk to seed it with.

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