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Saturday, 14 January 2023

Next Steps

My wealth is 775bn isk including 16bn sitting as pure ISK.  So, what shall my next step be in the final run into 1 trillion wealth?

Next Step

As i see it i have 3 options and a few left field ideas as my next step:

option 1: I can start a new Omega account using two of the most successful alts to date.  That would make 4 Omega accounts in total.

option 2: headlong expansion into Manufacturing.

option 3: headlong expansion into Planetary Interaction.

left field 1: Charge into Invention

left field 2: grow some balls and set up in null sec or low sec.

Pros and Cons

Option 1 is more of the same but the time required to open two new trading hubs will be very low.  For example, the time required to update orders in Rens, Hek, Sobaseki and Tash-Murkon is a few minutes only.  Often it takes longer to log and and out of the alt vs actually update any orders.  In a way, this is almost passive income.  So, it is dull but does the job.

Option 2 is what i am doing but i need to devote more time to it.  So far, i am doing manufacturing opportunistically and only if i have enough time left within my 45 minute rule.

Option 3 is progressing but i don't think it will be a great isk generator as i explore it further.

Left Field 1 is something i have tried before and not done too well.

Left field 2 is too scary for now

The decision

I decided to open my fourth Omega Account to see me to a trillion of wealth.

I will open in Arnon and Alentene.

And i will take the 3 month Omega deal that costs 1200 Plex = 20% discount.

With only 16bn of free ISK and very few trading skills it will take me a few months to ramp up.

But here goes.

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