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Wednesday, 5 January 2022

A review of 2021

I play Eve for the economy.

I started 2021 with one Omega Account with the alts sitting in Dodixie, Amaar and Jita and ended the year with two Omega accounts and 3 alpha accounts giving me traders in Dodixie, Amaar, Rens, Hek, Tash-Murkon Region, Lonetrek Region, Citadel Region, Essence Region, Khanid Region the Delve Region.

My wealth started the year at 28bn ISK and ended at 229bn ISK.


95% of my time is still spent Trading.  Buying items from Sell Orders in Jita and selling them in the mentioned locations.  I use third party couriers so, for my business, there is no need for me to undock.

5% of my time is spent trying to get Manufacturing to work.

I tried Research but could not really get it to work.  May try again.

I would like to make 1bn profits a day (i.e. my wealth rises by 1bn per day).  That has been achieved in November and December but these were strong markets - lets see how 2022 fares.


For me, January to April was ok.  The markets were slow but not too slow, i could make 10bn profits a month. They slowed down in May-July and i got myself in a pickle with holding too many Structural Modification Items which i had to sell at a loss.  I actually made a small monthly loss in July.  And then from August the markets picked up and continued to gather pace into the end of 2021 with the changes Eve made.

Perhaps the markets are too strong now and due to slowdown but we will see.


I made 1.3 trillion ISK of sales which generated 351bn of profits.  The taxes and courier fees came in at 124bn, Stock writedowns (selling items at a big discount to what i thought) cost me 10bn, 21bn was spent on Plex for Omega accounts whilst i received 5bn for failed courier contracts.

Therefore, my wealth increased by 201bn ISK in 2021.

At the start of the year i had 31bn ISK of items for sale on the market, at the end of the year i have 259bn.


The year just got better from the end of summer onwards.  Long may this continue.

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