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Sunday, 9 January 2022

checking prices in Jita whilst logged in at Dodixie

Many players will know this but some won't, especially the newer players.

Like many games today, Eve has an army of players that develop tools to help themselves and others play the game.

That includes tools that allow players in Eve to see the price of items on the market via a web browser.

The tool i use is the market browser part of EVETycoon.  Therefore, i don't need an alt logged into a station to see what the prices of items for sale are at that station.

For me, i can therefore have my alt logged in Dodixie online and i can check if i can buy an Item from a Jita sell order to sell in Dodixie for a good profit very quickly.

So, for EVETycoon

When you open the link of the first time you will be presented with a blank template:

its all very intuitive but for my business to see the prices of an item in Jita all i need to is type "Jita" into the Location line and tick the box:

And then i am good to go to input items to see their price in Jita:

some tips:

you don't need to put the full name in.  In the example above i put in "corpus c" and it brought up all the items with "corpus c" in the name and i then selected the one i want.

you don't even need the starting letters, i could have put in "pus c" and come up with the same list.  With time, it can get really fast to look up prices.

Obviously, you can see the prices in other stations / regions / all of Eve at the same time.

Or you can look through the item types as normal.

I am pretty sure i am not using the EVETycoon market browser to its full extent, so i need to look more into it.


  1. Have you thought of using a spreadsheet? Ive one where you paste the product name (from the quickbar) and you can pull prices from anywhere. I then have additional columns at the end which show the difference in price as a percentage.

    When I was trying to do a bit of interregional trading this is what i used, comapring Jita Sell to the other 5 trade hubs sell

    1. yes, i do but i need to develop it better. The current spreadsheet can look at all items in, say, Dodixie vs Jita but takes a long time to load. I used to have a spreadsheet that looked at just a select list of items which i need to resurrect.

    2. Ive re-tried my spreadsheets and surprisingly they still work, I think ill have a dabble again to see where it takes me.

  2. EVE has lost a few market websites in recent years. I wasn't using this one - but I will have to start. Thanks for the tip.