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Friday, 14 January 2022

EVE Portal App

Eve Portal is a must have app for the mobile phone if you want to keep track of how your trades are doing and what items you are selling.

It is developed by CCP so has enhanced access to Eve capabilities and keeps up with the Eve changes quickly.

In one screen i can see the ISK balance on each of my alts across all my accounts, both Omega and Alpha.

Given i leave c100m ISK on each alt i therefore know the Sales done by each alt at any time in a matter of seconds.  For example, just logging on now i can see that i have made 6.3 ISK of sales since last night and i can see that that comes from one alt doing 0.5bn, another doing 2.1bn, another 1.0bn, another 2.1 and another 0.7bn.

Relevant to my Eve Business, for each alt i can go deeper and:

  • See what has been sold and for what price - that is useful so that during the day when i casually check i can get a feel of what is selling where.  For example, for one the the alts above i can see that the 2.1bn of sales was one item.
  • Read and send mail - i don't often do this (mainly because i don't use the mail feature much at all) but useful when i need it
  • Buy Plex - i have used this in the past to top up the Plex account
  • Add Skills - i use this to keep skill queues topped up when i need to.
  • It will also show the Income and Expenditure for each alt broken into Sales, each type of tax etc and for each of the last five calendar months and 1 day / 7 days / 30 days.  I use this data to work out my monthly financials.

Annoyingly what it wont do is show the Corporation Wallet and all Corporation related activities.

There is more it can do but the above is what i use it for in my Eve business.

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