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Thursday, 27 January 2022

My Daily Routine

It is really quite simple.

During the day

Before i log on at night i know how the last 24 hours has gone given i can check on my mobile with the Eve Portal app.  I wrote a post on that the Eve portal app earlier.

Given all my ISK is swept into the Corporation wallet each night leaving 100m ISK per alt i can readily see the sales each alt has made during the day.

So, i log on armed with the knowledge of what has sold and which alts have made the sales and i therefore have a good idea if i will only have enough time to update prices and load up on new items to sell or if i can spend more time to look for additional items to sell

At night

Each night i do the same thing for each account that is a Trader:

so, for example, the Dodixie trader - 

1) log on, go through all the items it had up for sale the night before and change the price to be the most competitive if need to or make a note that the item was sold

2) I then sweep the ISK into the Corporation Wallet leaving 100m with the alt.  That will be enough to pay the Broker Fee to post the items to choose to Sell that night.

3) for each item sold i then compare the market price to the Jita selling price using EVETycoon - if the margin is 25% then i make a note to buy it at Jita to courier to Dodixie to be sold.  All these notes are made on a spreadsheet.  There is more i can do to automate this but for now this will do.

4) I then go through a list of other items i have sold at prior times to check to see if i can make the 25% margin and if so i add that item to the list of items to be bought in Jita

5) I then log onto the Jita alts and make the purchases using the Corporation wallet and issue courier contracts (via the Corporation) to have them hauled to the trading locations

6) a few hours later i log back on to post the couriered items for sale

and thats it.

I do that for each alt.  The Amarr alt takes the longest given it is the most competitive.  The non-trade hub alts take seconds - they are alpha accounts so only have 17 items up for sale.

If i have more spare time then i look into Manufacturing or other things i might be able to do in Eve to make ISK.

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