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Thursday, 20 January 2022

Secondary Highsec Trade Hubs

I am in the process of determining where i can set up Traders in other Regions.

The business model

The aim will be to fit in with my business model of buying from Jita Sell orders to sell in those Regions.  In other words, these Traders will operate exactly like the ones i already have in Dodixie, Amarr, Rens and Hek.

There will be two Traders in one Region each and the third alt will be the buyer in Jita.

My hope is that competition would be so low that these extra Traders will be very quick to look after.  So far, there is no competition.

The Aim

The accounts will start off as Alpha accounts.

Therefore, the maximum Sell Orders i can put up is 17 (Trade Level 3) and i can only train Broker Relations to Level 2.

But if i can determine that any two Traders combined will generate Sales of at least 10bn ISK per month then i can combine them and upgrade to Omega.

10bn Sales will generate ISK of 1.8bn and so pay for the monthly Plex.

Determining the choice of Station

What i want to do is find the best station in each Region to trade from.

So far, i am using Adam4Eve to see what Stations in each Region are a good start.

I won't mind moving stations in each Region if i need to.  The cost of cancelling and re-listing all orders will not be expensive (only 17 to re-list at most) and the prize is getting it right, not sticking with second best.

High sec for now

Sticking to High Sec for now (though one NPC station in Delve).

If i can find a low / null sec station that makes sense, i would immediately go for it.

It can take a little longer to get my items couriered out to low and null but i find there are plenty of willing haulers given my volumes rarely are over 100m3 - so small ships can be used.

Items to sell

I am sticking to mining items to start with.  They are in decent demand following the recent changes and will hopefully give me the best chance of finding two Traders to put into an account to upgrade to Omega.

Rising Risk

The one downside of this is that i will be on hook for more Plex per month to maintain the Omega accounts and therefore i will need to keep more in store for a rainy day.

Currently, i have 4000 Plex in storage and i should be buying 1000-2000 per month but that is on hold whilst the market is doing well.

Regions set up so far

To that end i have set up in:
  • Sobaseki (Lonetrek)
  • Arnon (Essence)
  • Tash-Murkon Prime (Tash-Murkon)
  • Motsu (The Citadel)
  • Agil (Khanid)
  • Alentene (Verge Vendor)
  • Orvolle (Placid)
  • Delve (NPC station)

The best selling places to date ate Sobaseki and Tash-Murkon Prime and i may put those Traders in the same account with a Buyer in Jita and upgrade it to Omega at the start of February.  Lets see.

At the end of January i will make my first decision on what to upgrade, if any.

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